Thursday, February 13, 2014


So, I just spent twenty minutes surfing--twenty minutes in with which I might have helped my seven-year-old prepare for gymnastics, you know, "have you washed your face," "are you wearing socks," "is that tomato on your trousers?"--and I'm trying to decide whether Pinterest is against my religion.  It's so pretty...and shiny...and sun-dappled.  I love it.  And I hate it. 

There is a pressure I feel as a mother to create original works of art out of every childhood moment and make the whole thing look effortless with not enough sleep.  I don't want to feel cruddy about myself when I choose sleep over heart shaped cookies with royal icing (happy Valentine's Eve).  I'd rather cheer for every great idea well executed and perfectly photographed.  Is this a competition, or something?  Which is the bigger sell out--when I avidly pin? or when I make snide comments about cupcakes?

I just don't know, but there's something delicious in sending my son into the world half-dressed so I can find the perfect sock puppet.

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