Tuesday, February 17, 2015

There Will Be Beauty Too

My favourite thing about being me right now is this sense I have on being on the cusp of some great discovery.  When my eyes open each morning, it's with anticipation.  Before I close my eyes again, I'll have dozens of little (or maybe gigantic) failures and sadnesses among the sticky floors and laundry and snow banks that compose my life right now.  But there will be beauty too.  I will read stories and chat with a friend and find a hidden store of courage and make something good and practice yoga and sing and help someone and drink a cup of herbal tea and remember something and there will be vegetables and hugs and comforting and laughter and sound effects and games and scripture and maybe poetry and nice socks and blogging.


  1. I felt great anticipation when I saw on facebook that there was a new entry on Skonkers! Your days sound full and tiring and lovely.

  2. Maggie, I could cuddle up in your words!! You do have a way with words. They are your friends as am I!

    1. What a wonderful comment for me to receive! Thank you!