Friday, March 28, 2014

Mothering Anyway

I think part of why my relationship with Pinterest is complicated is because when I do interesting activities with my children, I feel like a good mother.  This is one of the best feelings there are.  I love feeling like a good mother and Pinterest helps me get there.  The problem is that when I am being like a good mother, I am by definition, not a good mother.  I can't both be something, and be like it.  So the very act of doing Pinteresty activities with my children and feeling like a good mother, comes with the conviction that I am pretending, that I am in actuality not a good mother.  Acting a part.  This is one of the worst feelings there are.  But then I think a good mother puts aside her neurotic fear of mothering badly to engage her children.  I did that this week.  We made these stamps with pink erasers.  They're pinned here.

My children were too busy feeling loved and connected to consider the quality of my mothering that day. 

*This post is part of a series.  I've set aside Thursday afternoons to do fun activities with my children.  In an effort to work out why it both draws and repels me, I choose these activities from Pinterest.*

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