Friday, April 4, 2014

The Chronology of a New Family Staple

On Wednesday afternoon, a friend told me about the velvety texture of homemade moon dough.  On Wednesday evening, I scoured Pinterest for recipes.  On Thursday morning, Beth and I walked four and a half kilometers to buy two enormous bags of corn starch and two enormous bottles of hair conditioner.  On Thursday afternoon, we were 'ret to go'.  Then we played.

which made more than enough for six children
it feels peculiar
 so soft
and dry
and smooth
and smells like conditioner
adding food colour makes sweet pastels

it's easy to make
there's no cooking
and only two ingredients
Not Pros
I spent about $11

it smells like conditioner
but not vivid brights
as it dries, it gets a little crumbly

one of which is corn starch
I have corn starch in crannies all over my kitchen

we made a lot of moon times this...and we'll definitely do it again

*This post is part of a series.  I've set aside Thursday afternoons to do fun activities with my children.  In an effort to work out why it both draws and repels me, I choose these activities from Pinterest.*

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