Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nurtured at Camp

Camp was full of beautiful experiences (chats with amazing people, dancing by the fire, swimming before breakfast, silly pranks, pesto) and one really difficult phone call.  By Friday afternoon, I had been at camp for nearly three days and was missing my husband (which was a relief).  So I called him, looking forward to a light happy chat (I love you, I love you more).  It didn't go that way.  Instead, we discussed a hefty problem that has been on our plate for awhile.  It stirred up my deepest insecurities (I am not strong enough, brave enough, good enough). 
By the time we hung up (I really love you a lot, I know, I love you too), I felt deeply discouraged.  I prayed for peace and went looking for a place to be alone (and cry).  That's when Barb Kelsey called out, "Maggie!  We have a job for you."  She showed me this obstacle course they had set up for the girls.  There was a rope wound among the trees with a sheet hiding it from the view of the camp.  The girls were going to be brought to the sheet, blindfolded, and sent through.  If they held tightly to the rope, and ignored distractions, they would make it to the other side.  "Here's what we want you to do.  Just stand here and bring them through the sheet one at a time.  Then, say this," she hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I love you.  I know you can do this.  Just hold on and don't let go."  She leaned back and looked at me, "Okay?" 
It was just what I needed to hear.



  2. Maggie, as many trials I have been through I know the lord is always with us and understands what we are going through, he knew you needed to hear that, as i needed to as well. Thank you for being that voice for me as Barb was for you!! Love you lots!! God bless!!