Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another Saturday Post Not About Books

I thought I would write about my summer reading today.  Instead, I planned a car rally (also known as a wild high speed scavenger hunt race around town in cars).  Our ward (also known as a congregation) has had one each year for awhile and I have planned the last two (also known as last year's and tonight's).  Car rallies have a zany energy.  There's a hum as people start to arrive, and then a quiet listening to instruction, and then a mad dash for the cars, and then silence, and then excitement and rush as people come running in with ice cream toppings and puzzles and photographs and stories. 

"I did a handstand on home plate!"

"Do we get extra points for finding two red shoes?"

"We had to kick some kids off the teeter totter!"

"I still have sand in my socks."

"I made sure they had their feet off the ground."

My vacation was a bit like that--all booting it across town, seven of us in a minivan, and sunrise solitary swimming the misty lake, and jumping in the waves with my crew, and barefoot walking the beach while they slept.

My life is like that too--breaking up raucous quarrels, and silent snuggles and laughing hard at armpit noises (my husband's), and blogging in a sleeping house.

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