Thursday, September 4, 2014


We are back from our vacation.  We left for Nova Scotia two and half weeks ago, and returned to Timmins two days ago.  It was such a thorough vacation--extended family, dear friends, old haunts--that I'm actually happy to be back.  It was that glorious.  I don't even mind the cool weather, or the cold I caught, or the multiple injuries I'm still nursing--a burned toe (campfires are hot), a bruised calf (canoes are tippy), a scratched arm (suitcase zippers are dangerous), a sliced finger (wires protruding from a balding tire are sharp), and a tender nose (sometimes husbands stand up quickly).  I'm just plunging back into our life here--my choir starts up again on Tuesday, Jared returns to work tomorrow, I'm putting together a car rally for my church for this weekend, the school books are arriving in the mail, and I'm knitting scarves and unpacking boots. 

At night, I dream of the ocean.  And I left the sand in the suitcases.  But I'm here now.

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