Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Story Told Twice

I just can't seem to get going this morning.  The children are watching cartoons and still haven't had breakfast.  I was a little sharp with my husband and I'm putting off my workout by blogging.  Plus I failed to run (or even load) the dishwasher last night.  It's always an off day when the kitchen's a mess.  I just felt so free the other night on that bike.  It had been almost ten years.  Cycling through our town, I didn't think once about stretch marks, or the extra forty or fifty pounds I could afford to lose, or all the things I should be doing instead.  Why can't I be like that all time?

My kids look forward to mornings like this when they can watch a few cartoons and get their own corn flakes...in plastic containers.  Family Home Evening was such fun last night that none of us thought about the dishwasher.  It only took me a minute or two, this morning, to get it going, plus vacuum the upstairs hall.  And now I'm blogging while my husband rubs my shoulders.  I'm on fire!  Maybe I'll ride my bike to get groceries later.  Cycling, the other night in the moonlight, I kept thinking about my brain.  Brains are amazing!  They store so much information (how to ride a bike) for so long (almost ten years) and they're always there, right below the surface (skull).