Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wegetarian Wednesday Wagain!

I've found a recipe I really enjoy.  I tried these Black Bean Quesadillas this week, and they met all my criteria for a good vegetarian meal--delicious (and not just to experienced vegetarians), meatless, and nutritious.

I haven't figured out where I stand on meat.  Several years ago now I read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  The experience left me bruised.  I felt compelled to recognize that the way I feed myself and my family does not meet my criteria for ethical eating.  The animals I eat have lived miserable lives...often raised in ways that harm my home planet...sometimes by people working in poor conditions.  When I mix this awareness in with questions about GMOs and bees dying and seed monopolies and pesticides and veterinary antibiotics and diminishing numbers of family farms and micronutrients and food processing I feel a little overwhelmed.  And then I go back to making three squares a day the only way I know how--with meat.  This is my effort to learn how to make three squares another way--without meat.  I feel uneasy about the smallness of my effort--the cow who produced the milk for the cheese in my quesadilla was most certainly not a family cow named Daisy spending her summers in a meadow and living to a ripe old age.  It's a beginning, though.  The beginnings of great things are sometimes small.

So are the not fair-trade chocolates I'm enjoying right now.

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