Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dang It! He's Right Again!

Back in Novemberish, exercise equipment went on sale at Canadian Tire. When I say on sale, I mean sixty percent off.  We bought this.  It just made sense.  The motion of an elliptical machine is good for the joints because it's weight bearing and low impact.  It was less expensive than an annual gym membership for two.  Our winter makes consistent outdoor exercise difficult because it's particularly cold and snowy and lasts from Halloween until Mother's Day. 

It felt like a good decision, but Jared was concerned that after a couple of weeks, our shiny new elliptical would stop seeming like a fun and easy workout, and start seeming like a great place to hang a towel.  I don't actually have that much discipline when it comes to exercise, but apparently I have lots of discipline when it comes to proving him wrong, because I have worked out on that thing for at least twenty minutes a day, five days a week since then.  I'm more of a swimming, yoga, walk around the lake kind of person, so for three months this was not fun.  Then around March, something just clicked.  I started looking forward to my time with the elliptical and challenging myself to work harder. 

The upside was that these good feelings transferred over into other areas of my life.  I'm stronger and more capable.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the totality of what I want to accomplish, my dreams and aspirations and laundry.  But maybe if I can do just one thing at a time that's enough.

The downside is that in February, Jared was adamant that if I just held out a little longer, I would start to love that elliptical.  So instead of proving him wrong, my dedicated hard work proved him right.

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