Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Unicycle in My Marriage

Almost two weeks ago, our congregation or ward had a talent show.  I was blown away.  There was lip syncing and bell ringing and piano playing and dancing and hamming and crooning and belting and bowing and boxing and finally, there was a unicycle.  Let's say this clearly.  My husband rode a unicycle in our ward talent show.

I'd never heard of riding a unicycle for a hobby, or a mode of transportation, or any reason other than busking.  That's how it started.  The summer he was eleven, Jared saw some buskers.  He fell in love with the unicycle.  Now the story gets weird(er).  In a hardware store with his mother, he actually saw a rack of unicycles.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Nails and lightbulbs, paint and unicycles?  He spent the rest of the summer at it.  For four solid weeks the only thing he could do was fall.  Then one day he could ride.  And ride he did...all over town. 

I love this story with my whole heart.  The joy just bubbles up when I think of that young boy working so hard and finding such quirky success.  It's a peculiar reminder to me that this human soul who has promised to hold my hand forever is one of a kind.

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