Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wy, What a Wig Wamosa Wou Wave!

As I waited the forty minutes for this thing to bake, I wondered, "Will samosa pie live up to its namesake?  I love wandering around a farmer's market with a wax paper wrapped hot triangle of potato curry goodness in the palm of my hand.  How can a pie possibly be the same?"

It can't.  It can be even better.  The filling is flavourful (it's all about mustard seed), the crust is virtuous (whole wheat pastry flour and a scant two tablespoons of canola oil), and the whole thing is oh so pretty (see photo above).

*This post is part of series.  I'm thinking about how I do meat and giving it less space on my plate.  On Wednesdays this space is reserved for wegetables.*

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