Saturday, June 21, 2014

From Away

This was a 'read whatever's kicking around the house' week.  It turned out that what was kicking around my house was two books with roots in Newfoundland.  Now, I've never been to Newfoundland.  But I grew up in Nova Scotia and an Atlantic province is an Atlantic province.  So Newfoundland makes me think of home.  Years ago, Jared's work took us to Edmonton.  I loved it there.  But my distance from the ocean was an ache.  One day, I was driving up Gateway Boulevard when Murray McLauchlan's "No Change in Me" came on the radio.  He's a Newfoundlander and his song is about having to leave home for work.  I heard the words, "You can't eat the air, And you can't drink the sea," and pulled over.  I sat in our little Civic that had carried us and all we owned across the country, and sobbed.  Now I live in Northern Ontario.  I love it here too.  But this week, I read these two books and felt homesick.

If that wasn't enough Newfoundland, or just not enough homesickness, here's more.


  1. I am a long time Murray Mclauchlan fan, but have never heard him sing this song. I like the Ennis Sisters version as well. And yes, it is a homesickness song for me, too.

  2. Stan Rogers or the Rankins do it for me. There is something so powerful in music from "home".