Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not a Scaredy Cat After All

This morning, it was sunny when I went to the dental clinic.  In the past, I've been afraid of dentists, but today, I was calm.  I lay back in the chair and opened wide, completely relaxed.  Three fillings and one hour full of drilling, suction, and bitter tastes later, I was happily making silly faces in my rear view mirror with numbed out lips.  I would do it again tomorrow.

This afternoon, it started to rain.  And then it thundered.  When I was a child, a thunder storm was the cue to go hide in the stairwell, away from windows, doors, and electrical outlets.  Today, I gave my vegetarian chili another stir (secret ingredient:  Diana Sauce) and enjoyed the shiver in my core. 

Sometimes, it feels like I'm afraid of a lot, failure, rejection, regret.  But on a day like today, I remember that many things don't scare me one bit.

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