Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wabouli Weeds Warsley

Couscous and I just weren't finished with each other, so I made this tabouli.  What sets it apart from other taboulis, is the couscous, the lemon zest, and the mint, cilantro, parsley combination--so refreshing.  If you don't like couscous (we can probably still be friends), use bulgur wheat instead.  If you don't like lemon zest (most people face this at least once), leave it out.  If you don't like mint (b-b-b-but it's so lovely), skip it.  If you don't like cilantro (I forgive you...sniff), omit it.  If you don't like parsley, maybe choose a different salad.

*This post is part of series.  I'm thinking about how I do meat and giving it less space on my plate.  On Wednesdays this space is reserved for wegetables.*

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