Thursday, July 17, 2014

One Day in the Life...

Today, I had a workout on the elliptical machine followed by a hot shower.  I used free samples of some schmancy skin care products that felt so good.  I ate a garlic stuffed olive before I remembered that I was on my way to the dentist's office.  So I brushed really well and hoped for the best.  I sat through the long overdue x-rays and dental exam and tried to feel awesome instead of ashamed (it mostly worked).  Then I picked up some wrapping paper and board books for Daniel since he turned two over a week ago when I was away but we're only getting around to marking the occasion now.  I got home in time for one of Jared's massive you-don't-need-to-thank-me-but-I-cleaned-out-the-fridge salads and apple pie (for Daniel's honorary birthday).  Daniel blew out some candles and opened gifts.  Then we went to Hersey Lake as a family.  We swam, played in the sand, read some Shakespeare, and came home.  Then I had a quick quarrel with my husband and now I'm blogging.  July seventeenth has been thorough.  I keep thinking about the 298 people who were killed over Ukraine today. 

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