Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hannah and the Paradigm Shift(s)

On Sunday, I held Hannah's hand on the walk home from church.  As we (she) skipped along, I asked her playfully, "Hannah, how much do I love you?"

"A lot," she chirped.

"And what do I think of you," was my follow up.

"I'm cute and adorable."

Gulp.  Head whip.  Full stop.  Maybe calling her a cutie-little-fluff-ball has not been my best parenting move.  In my defense, she is cute and adorable...and so much more.

"You're right about that!  What else do I think?"

Shoulder shrug.

"Do I think you're smart?"


"And strong?"


"And fun?"


"And funny?"


"And brave?"

She paused before lisping, "But, I'm shy."

"It's okay to be shy.  Most people are shy sometimes.  You can be shy and brave at the same time."

Head nod.

"So what do I think of you?"

"I'm strong. And I really am strong.  I can lift stuff."

"That's a good point.  What else do I think?"

"I'm fun and funny."


"I'm brave."


"I farted."

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